Registration for the 2020 Bowen Island Logging Show will open in the spring of 2020.

Volunteer opportunities will be available starting in the spring of 2020.

Details of the Bowen Island Logging Show 2019

Deadline for Entries is July 19th

Amateur Events: $5 per event

Open Events:$5 per event

Late entries: $10 per event

Saturday July 27th Evening Meal
If you'd like to join the crew at Doc Morgan's Pub Saturday evening for food and fun, be sure to reserve your seats by RSVPing. Seating is limited.
  • Competitors use the event registration form.
  • Everyone else, contact Carolin at 604-942-1564.

Adults are $30, Kids are $15.

The menu is preset. Details coming soon.

Competitor Registration Information

  • All competitors must include a per-day registration fee of $20 in Total Entry Fees.
  • All payments must either be by cheque payable to Bowen Island Loggersports or e-transfer to External link opens in new tab or  before the cut off date.
  • Amateurs (Locals) may not enter in Open events and vice versa.
  • Amateur is defined by no seasoned Loggersports competitors of any division.  The show has the right to refuse any competitor entry to an amateur event if they are deemed not an amateur.

  • Day One: If you do not have a sawing partner, let us know and we will attempt to match you up with one. Combined sawing will be with a traditional saw. A saw will be provided. All partners are drawn
  • Day One: Relay teams need to be selected on registration
  • Day One: Open Single and Ladies Single modern saws are allowed.

  • Day One: Unlimited Hot Saws is Open only. Highest average of day one and day two cuts.

  • Day One: Combined Axe Throw is a combination of the amateur and open points.

  • Day One: Relay will consist of axe throw (open and amateur), Jack(open) and Jill(amateur), pole climb(amateur), Husky Power Saw (amateur) and Underhand (open).

  • Day Two: All sawing partners are drawn. Combined sawing will be with a traditional saw. If you do not have a saw one will be provided.
  • Day Two: Unlimited Powersaw event - all saws must have originally been a stock saw. 
  • Day Two: Relay teams need to be selected prior to the event, however if you are looking for a team to be on, please note this and we will endeavour to find you a team.

  • Sawing wood is 16’ white pine.
  • Chopping wood is cotton wood.

  • CANLOG rules will be used for all open events.
  • Bowen Island Loggersports reserves the rights to change this programme and prize purse as necessary and will notify registered competitors accordingly.
  • All participants must sign the waiver on the registration form.


Send them by email to: